A few of my favorite places on the net

When Suzanne Somersbegan writing and educating the world about her health issues and concerns and selling her products that became household names, I knew she would be a force in the beauty and health community. I helped promote her early product line on my old website. Suzanne, her books and her products have evolved, perfected and continued to inform, educate and help improve the lives of others. Now she has a full line of Organic cosmetics to complement her signature line.

Once again I have affiliated with Suzanne to help in promoting her lifestyle, health and beauty tips. Please visit one of my links to see good products and sweet deals on her line.

 Over 12 years I spent hours compiling favorite products, sites, links and information that I felt was valuable to everyone. If you didn't see something that appealed to you, all you had to do was look further to see something that would spike your interest.  Over the next few months, I will be rebuilding this page to include links that were lost over the years, or new links that I have found.

Well companies come and go, and even products come and go, but information goes on and on.

If you have a product, educational or informational site you believe will help someone out there cruising the net, please let me know, and Contact the Goddess!

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Some Interesting Sites to visit (come back  in the future when more are added)