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The Backstory Bio on the Sacred Goddess............and so it begins....again
...Welcome to The Sacred Goddess. Non-Secular and Secular alike along with the Mundane, Magical and Everyday...Inclusive and Not Exclusive...WELCOME ALL  And please while you are here, help support this page by going to Amazon or any of my affiliate pages on my favorites page and searching for what ever makes you happy. This slide show below shows the original Sacred Goddess Page starting in 2007, the many changes and growths and interesting aspects of life that showed just how big our world truly is.Just like you and me, a Website evolves with time. Showing the interest and fascinations of its creator. I was always intrigued by the weird and the wonderful, the human condition, the interests, hobbies and crafts of humans. Working with and not against nature and working with and not against each other. That is what makes the world work and what we should all strive for. My own life was in public service but I enjoyed the art of the dance and the magic of the human condition and what makes us who we are...I continue this journey and hope you join me. If you would like to share a link or exchange your link with me, I have a favorite link/interesting links page as well and would enjoy to swap our site links..just let me know and watch this site unfold!