Body.....To house the mind and spirit. The body should be nurtured with health, healthy activities and life styles.Everyone has a different body and different way to approach life. I hope to have many links to come on how to and what to do with our homes..our bodies.

Mind....Its what allows us to communicate with others or enjoy the communication of thoughts from others. We imagine, we dream, we explore and we expand our world by expanding our thoughts. It is who we are and who we aim to be. We hunger for ideas, entertainment and enrichment in our lives. It is everything to "who" we are. We explore and dare to explore the world by using our mind.

Spirit....The spirit is everything we cannot define with logic, sometimes it is the hardest to explain, but in truth, it is our happiness, sadness or drive that is our spirit.  It is the energy that drives us to do the impossible or make dreams come true.

Health and Beauty..It can be as simple as doing what is right for our body and showing our body for the work of art it truely is. Beauty is internal and external. Beauty is the wonderful way we are to others, the richness of our Spirit and Mind coming through. It has nothing to do with the window dressing. And if take care of our outside, then our beauty shines thorugh. .......They all belong under this umbrella and are forever connected. They just happend to be on separate pages! Visit All...and Be All

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This is The Sacred Goddess..the Goddess Kuan Yin...The Goddess who inspired me to honor all aspects of the human condition, and the many paths of spirituality in the world The very large world, and to honor all paths of enlightenment and belief.

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I recommend the books and readings by my friend Aya, who we lost a couple years ago. She was an inspiration to me and lots of women and men I know. Please take a look at her books, there are some in print at small sellers. Aya Tarlow. My Warrior Goddess Woman.

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